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Services that allow organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the internet is web hosting. Service providers provide business with technologies required for a web page or website to be viewed by the internet . There are special computers that are used in storing and hosting websites. In order to get the access of a website users type the website address and the computer connects to your browser delivering the needed web page needed. Organizations or individuals are required to own domains in order to host with the hosting companies and if they don’t have they are helped in purchasing one.

Website hosting services are of various types and they include; website builders, reseller web hosting, cloud based hosting, virtual private server , self- service web hosting, collocated hosting, dedicated hosting, and shared hosting. When doing web hosting as self-service then its required that you handle the process by yourself. Server hardware, systems administrator, data integrity and backup, cooling, data center space among others are some of the areas that are taken care in self-service web hosting.

Having full control of the web host is resulted after you rent a physical server from a hosting company. The highest levels of servers are the dedicated web servers are a good choice for businesses in order to grow and be successful. The cost involved in buying a dedicated servers is high as compared to other web hosting services. Aside from the cost involved also a system administrator is required to be hired in order to handle the technical details.

Colocation web hosting means that you are renting rank space from a data center. After renting out the space, bringing of your own server hardware is done which provide power, cooling, physical security and an internet uplink. Through having a collocated web hosting service then some responsibilities are realized.

For most small business colocation web hosting service as a choice in web hosting is not preferred. One physical server acts like multiple separate servers in virtual private servers. A stepping stone between shared hosting and getting your own dedicated machine server is virtual private servers.

When choosing a website builder an individual or organization needs to have the technical knowledge of hypertext markup language or cascading style sheet which focuses on the design and content which involves use of templates, drag and drop interfaces. To have the best website builder then research is carried out. Personal experiences from people, can help you begin your research through conducting of user testing and interviews. Website builder needs to have the following chart features such as value for money, ease of use, features, help and support, customer score and design flexibility.

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