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Causes and Treatment of Seasonal Asthma

There are many causes of asthma and many types of asthma as well. Medics are not quite sure of what causes asthma attacks. They have however concluded that people experience asthma attacks because of genetics or environmental triggers. Seasonal asthma is trigger by change in climate. Seasonal asthma means that the symptoms of asthma are significant in a particular patient during certain seasons. Asthmatic persons should learn more about the asthma symptoms.

Seasonal asthma is common during fall and spring. It is believed that during these seasonal changes, there is a lot of pollination activity taking place. When these pollens are absorbed and circulated into the atmosphere they act as asthma triggers. Similarly, the symptoms can be experienced due to change of atmospheric temperatures from warm to cold. Dust and smoke are also common asthma triggers. If a person learns more about the triggers and symptoms they can protect themselves before it is too late. This article will deliberate on the causes, symptoms and treatment of asthma.

An asthma attack occurs when the airways and lungs are affected. The airways facilitate the movement of air in and out of the lungs. This is the normal breathing system that helps to provide oxygen to the body. Asthma affects the circulation of air in their body. The airways will repel the unwanted elements in the air by swelling up to block them from gaining entry to the lungs. This bulge causes an inflammation of the airways and lungs. The inflammation causes further complications such as coughs, chest pains, wheezing or shortness of breath. They will draw air but very little oxygen will get into their lungs. A serious attack can cause the affected person to begin to change color due to lack of oxygen supply in the body. It is important for caregivers to learn more about the serious reactions to asthma.

The remedy to asthma is either through medical intervention or personal care. Mild to medium asthmatic conditions are treated through medications such as medicated inhalers. An individual may be advised to use the preventive inhaler to treat mild conditions and to switch to the treatment inhaler when their condition does not improve. Acute asthma should be treated from hospital where doctors can monitor the patient. Patients who suffer from acute asthma have their treatment administered through a nebulizer. The hospital may also administer oxygen to the patient. To learn more about the treatment option consult a doctor.

A persons diet can improve their asthmatic condition. Their diet should comprise of a generous portion of fruits, vegetables and amino acids. The nutrient rich diet improves the immune system and combats inflammation in the body. The affected persons should make an effort to learn more about the preventive measures.

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